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Traps and Trap Kits

The top three reasons why our customers buy their traps from Friendship Trap Co.

  1. We custom build our customer's traps to their specifications with the highest degree of quality and workmanship.
  2. We use the highest quality materials that money can buy.
  3. Service - We are the only trap builder in the market that has a full time road salesman. Jerry Wadsworth will come to your house, boat, or dock.. He carries a variety of traps displaying our latest products and innovations for your convenience. Jerry will also transport a sample trap back, when necessary, for you to see and approve prior to production.

Contact Us to discuss your Custom Trap order today.  Our friendly experts will work with your design ideas and build the best quality traps available in the industry.

Trap Kits

Trap kits by Friendship Trap Co, are a popular way for the do-it-yourselfer to build a set of quality traps for unbeatable value.  Use our expertise and materials, you do the rest.

A flat trap kit is already for you to bend and assemble.

A bent trap kit is ready for you to assemble.

A cage is ready for you to install your trap components.

Note:  All kits and traps can be purchased at any stage of completion. All trap components required for completing your kits or traps are available, these kits and components are of the highest quality that money can buy.

Contact Us to learn more about our commercial trap kits.  We'll put together the right package to meet your requirements.

Stock Traps

We regularly build our most popular trap designs and stock them on site.   Modify them to suit your needs or use them as is.

CLICK HERE for Stock Trap inventory.

Used Traps

When a lot of used traps meets our standards, we will offer them to our customers for purchase.  Thinking about upgrading your traps?   Contact Us to discuss an exchange.   Our sales staff can help you make the right choice.

CLICK HERE to view our Used Trap inventory.

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Used Equipment

Visit our used trap building machinery inventory page.