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Friendship Trap Company was founded in 1977 as one of the first manufacturers of wire mesh lobster traps. Through commitment to service, quality and innovation, it has grown over the years to become a leading provider of lobster traps to the entire Atlantic seaboard. There are now approximately 60 dedicated employees in 2 locations, the original location and main office in Friendship, Maine, and a second location downeast in Columbia Falls.


After 34 years, the founder of the company sold the business to Chris Anderson in October of 2011. Chris is dedicated to continuing the commitment to customers, innovation, service and quality that have made the company successful throughout its history.  


“When I was investigating this company and deciding whether to purchase it, it became clear to me that Friendship Trap has a well-deserved reputation for making traps that are built the best, built to last, and built your way – at least that’s how I characterized it based on what I was learning. I really like the basic commitment to customers that this philosophy demonstrates, and it is the kind of company I wanted to be associated with. So when I bought the company several years ago, we adopted that as a motto – Built the Best, Built to Last, Built Your Way. It’s what we stand for and guides the decisions we make every day.”


To deliver on that promise requires deep expertise, and the Friendship Trap team has that. All of the key personnel who have been delivering the industries' best lobster traps for nearly 40 years have remained with the company and are committed to continuing to meet our customer’s needs for the long haul.   They have come to be known as “The specialists from buoy to trap,” and help our customers meet their broader needs whether it be rope, buoys, kits or other gear.


At Friendship Trap, we are committed to providing the best traps in the industry to our customers. Trust Friendship Trap to build your next traps.


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